Reconditioned Husky from Northern Tool

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Feeling the Heat
Dec 16, 2022
Just a heads-up as I decided to purchase a reconditioned Husky. Several places sell these online and you do roll the dice. I bought one about 30 days ago and when I unboxed, I was not one of the lucky few who got a “like brand new saw”. I can see this was used albeit lightly but here were the issues. First the brake was locked on but the brake handle would not disengage it. Frustrating but was able to resolve. Then I tried the bar and chain on it and something was not quite right as the chain would not go on and it turns out they provided the wrong chain for the bar. Not a biggie but both got me wondering whether Husqvarna actually reconditioned the saw at all or just wiped it down, put in a plastic bag and tossed in a bar and a random chain. I called Northern Tool and they were decent about it and thought I should return it due to the troubles but they do not inventory these, they come from and go back to Husqvarna direct. Well after receiving the RMA and NT promising me I would not get hit with a restocking fee (like what? You do not stock them!), the email for the return said I would and that I had to pay for shipping. So decided after all to keep her and was going to replace the chain regardless of what they send as I like more aggressive ones.

So again just a heads-up that saving the $150-200 may not be worth it in the end. We’ll see as I like Husky’s as they are simple to start regardless of temps.
I bought a reconditioned Husky 450 on ebay. It was very clean and had a brand new bar with it. It came with a sharpened used chain. It is Husqvarna that sells them on ebay and they are refurbished by an authorized dealer. It comes with a 2 year warranty also through Allstate. I contacted Husqvarna about the used sharpened chain and they sent me a new chain. After a few uses I had a crack in the gas cap where it flips up. Contacted Allstate and they said to send them the bill which I did and they sent me a check for the cap/ Saw works great and the support so far had been great. I take care of my stuff but if it breaks before 2 years I know they'll fix it.
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