Replaced low limit switch now the fan stays on all the time. Jamestown J1000 manual model.

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Oct 29, 2023
Mojave Desert
I had a low-limit switch issue (proof of fire). The Auger would stop feeding because the fire was not being perceived. I jumped the low-limit switch and it worked. I was careful while doing this.
I've installed the new low-limit switch and the fan stays on continuously. I can't imagine what it would be as nothing has changed. It was operating as it should before the switch replacement.
When I jumped the switch the fan would stay on all the time but I figured it was because I jumped the switch.
I think it might be the switch I got because the fan stops when it's unplugged.

Turns out I accidentally ordered a high-limit switch! Problem solved.

Any help is appreciated.
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That would do it
Nice to see someone own up to their own mistakes
That would do it
Nice to see someone own up to their own mistakes
Thanks. It was kind of a relief.
I wanted to leave the post as the simplest things can be the problem. :)
I ended up replacing the high-limit switch (putting it in the correct position) because the original was on there still and figured it's bound to fail.
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