Retrofit an Enviro Ef5??

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Fw Cervelli

New Member
Jan 25, 2018
Northeast Ohio
20180125_193601.jpg 20180125_193609.jpg I have a 2006 Enviro Ef5 stove with the DHC-3000 control board. My convection blower control is not functioning properly and this is the second daughter board the stove has had. I replaced the old daughter board 1-2 years ago. Two weeks ago I replaced the convection blower itself. I am curious to know if I could retrofit a dial-a-fire control board for an older ef5 into my ef5 (DHC 3000)?

I am hoping that the more analog board would somehow be less susceptible to getting shorted out.
It can be done but you will need more than the board
you will also need off the top of my head wiring harness
Start switch Fan Controller timer control models
and may be more . The old dial a fire set up was easy
to use and had very few problems
Maybe that's why I keep my ef3 Going
I have an ef5 in the shop now maybe I'll try a swap
with a junk ef3 that I have
Of course it couldn't be simple (sar). If you do that swap, let me know how it went for you; ie roadblocks, stumbling points, etc., that you had to work around. I would appreciate any tips should I decide to do this.