Review: Stihl 16" Light 04 Guide Bar with NARROW KERF RS Pro Rapid Super Saw Chain 3690 000 0067

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Minister of Fire
Mar 10, 2015
SW Ohio
Early this year I purchased the narrow kerf (NK) version for Stihl RS .325 pitch chain for my old Stihl 16" MS 260 Pro saw, and have had opportunity to use it a few times. NK chain is .050 gauge so I needed to switch out guide bar.
There is an industry product test review on Nordic Wood Journal, formerly
Using a lighter weight chain with a narrower tooth dragging through the kerf it's calculated that it requires 12% less wood to cut.
I've used in field on limbing and tested on plunge cuts. Initial impression is that when compared to regular Stihl RS chain I was running that it is more efficient, faster cutting, and feels smoother. Definitely less "grabby". This .325 pitch, .050 gauge NK chain seems a very good match for 50 cc range saw. It still sharpens with 3/16" file.

Stihl NK .325 chain has been difficult to buy in USA, even to buy online. It's sold in Canada, UK and Europe.
Stihl was supposed to have released NK combination in USA a few years ago. Light 04 bar starting to become available but .050 NK chain is scarce. I found and bought on eBay.
Yesterday saw Light 04 bar in local Stihl dealership for first time, so perhaps the NK chain will be close behind.
Hmmm I've been running a .325 / 50 chain for years on my Husky 350 and now Husky is making a chain.. I've used a Stihl chain first this NK any different I wonder..