Running LP and Wood boiler

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New Member
Sep 14, 2023
NW Ohio
Newbie question here. Purchased a house with both LP furnace and outdoor wood boiler. By running both LP and wood boiler i had a major loss of LP and went through 4 330gal tanks in one season.

If i am going to run just the wood boiler, should i shut off the LP to my indoor furnace? I have not turned the wood boiler on this season and I have not used as much of it so far. My thermostat only has 2 wires, red and white. My furnace is halfway through its life, someone inspected and said its only about 60% efficient right now.

I did make a post a few months ago on efficiency loss in my system and am trying to narrow it down further on what some issues may be.

But essentially my question is, should i shut the burner off to the indoor furnace if i am going to run the outdoor boiler, and then 2) will my indoor furnace circulating pump still go when thermostat calls for heat. ( I have radiant baseboard heating through whole house in 3 zones)