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    Have you ever run across plans for large, free-standing, outdoor fireboxes surrounded by a structure that is filled with sand to store the heat? Tubing carrying water is wound through the sand to pipe out the heat. It is rumored that such plans were published in Mother Earth News some time ago, but I have been unable to locate such. Any information you may have would be appreciated.


    There was a unit many years ago, called the HASKA or something like that, which was advertised in many magazines. Today, most storage systems make use of water, which is probably a superior storage and delivery mechanism. There are many "outdoor waterstoves" made by companies like Central Boiler and Taylor, which store quite a bit of heat. You could also use the TARM boiler along with storage tanks, which will give you a very efficient and clean burning system.

    One thing to watch for... the older stoves were very inefficient and smoky. Make certain you get a unit that burn the wood in a clean and efficient manner.

    Link: Tarm Boilers
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