Serenity stove just quits after 15-20 minutes, any ideas?

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Dec 29, 2020
Iron River
I think I’ve gotten to the bottom of the not feeding problem, the auger motor won’t run at cold temperatures. My stove is in my garage/workshop, the colder it is the worse it runs until the room warms to around 30F. -25F and hand feeding it until heating mode and the stove warms up it starts feeding better, the warmer the better. I put a halogen light on it this morning for about 2 hours and it started on it’s own and is running fine. I found out service conditions for auger are -4F. Castle people said most stoves are in a home not exposed to cold temperatures. Makes no sense to make a stove that doesn’t work when it’s cold. Thing is, their literature doesn’t say anywhere that they’re not suitable for garages and workshops.
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