Smallest stove?!

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Nov 17, 2021
Hey all.. looking for the smallest propane freestanding stoves possible. Tough to find some online. Direct vent or ventless, doesn’t matter! Gathering ideas.

Thank you!


Nov 2, 2009
Eastern WA
Footprint, sorry!
The Napoleon Arlington is one that I've been admiring


It says 20,000 btu's input, so I'm guessing for small spaces and that's what I've got. Just tryin' to heat the living room of a older single wide manufactured home. What's stopping me is the price $2500 and that's without the "heatalator" fan. They want $400 just for the fan! I'll probably have to settle for a slightly larger used unit (Facebook Market Place or Craigslist) and just try to "Turn-it-Down". The electric furnace is very expensive and my two dogs and one cat just love laying if front of the current location's fire place (I'm getting evicted). So, to accommodate them and me I'll have figure out a way to get some kind of propane stove in that place. bjr23


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Feb 26, 2021
Picture of the stove and it is expensive and I do think there are smaller stoves out there but am not sure for i do not know enough about stoves....ones with windows anyway...



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If footprint us an issue, have you looked at wall mounted units?