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Eddie Haskell

Oct 8, 2017
Kimberly, WI
I was forced to replace the board/controller on my St Croix Prescott EXP and now I have a question or two.
I am new to the smart stat feature the new board has and not sure if I want to keep that engaged.
on my board I have 3 settings:
Manual, Tstat and smart stat. I believe T-Stat and Smart-Stat now do the same exact thing and only manual will let me control when there's fire and when there's not
My old board would not shut the stove down once it hit temp, it would drop down to an idle and still make heat. Now once temp is met it shuts down completely. I am not certain I want to work this way, especially when it gets really cold.
My real question is; how do I disable smart stat and make it work like it used to...The addendum to the manual implies this can be done but no further instructions are given...Thanks
Manual runs the stove continuous on whatever heat setting you have it on. Tstat setting uses your tstat and oscillates from 1 to what you have the the heat level set to maintain room temp but never goes out. Smart stat does the same thing as "tstat" except it allows the stove to shut down if there is no demand from your tstat for a period of time.
Everything you said is what I think as well. That is how it used to work but no longer.
For some reason, the simple "T-Stat" setting no longer works like that. The T-Stat setting and the "Smarstat" setting appear to be working identical. The instructions at the bottom of this page imply that I can turn this Smartstat feature off but gives no indication as to how to revert back to 2009 technology when the stove was first sold. IMG_3921.jpeg
Huh, that would be a shame to lose that feature! I see conflicting information out there. First, I wonder if they did this for emissions, so they can keep selling new stoves with that control board?
Anyway, it should function as said before, t-stat has pilot or maintain mode, smart stat will go out after a period of time, if no heat called for.
"Except" it seems there is a "new revision" board, but still using the same part number. I would expect you will have to call someone to find out, St. Croix, or pellethead, or woodsmans. I know I would not want to lose that feature on my Harman!!
Perhaps even ask for a different "older" revision board from whom you bought it from.
Good luck and let us know!!
I can’t help but think that “(T-STAT mode requires the stove be turned on at the control board for the first time)” on the addendum isn’t also telling me somehow where I need to disable it?
I bought the board from Pellethead, I will call them tomorrow.
They did say that all St Croix stoves now use same board.
Well, the instructions certainly are not clear. the "first start" may simply be, as the auger would not be full, a t-stat start may not light, so would only try once and go into error mode.
The only thing I think you can try, run stove in manual mode, all the way down/low, and make sure it stays running. If not, there are adjustments for that.