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    So there's a farm store not too far from me that sells Valfei pellets. They quoted me a price of $250/ton for either Ambiance or Orford - not too bad. I burned a ton of Ambiance last year and liked them. There isn't much info on these pellets out there, and some of it confusing, so I called Valfei in QC. The gal on the phone seemed to know her stuff - here's some of what she had to say:

    The hardwood blend in the Ambiance pellet is sugar maple, cherry, and oak.
    There are two varieties of Orford pellets - hard and soft.
    The hardwood Orfords are the same pellet as the Ambiance.
    The softwood Orfords are by another manufacturer in QC - Valfei doesn't make their own softwood pellets, they swap inventory with the other (un-named) maker.
    The softwood Orfords are not Douglas Fir - they are a mix of pine and spruce.
    They had a fire in a plant a few years ago and, to satisfy softwood pellet demand, they imported pellets from the west coast for a time - those were of Jack Pine and a miserable failure - she burned some herself.
    Subsequently, softwood Orfords were only marketed in the US starting last year.

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