St. Croix Auburn won't fire up

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Jan 14, 2024
LaSalle Co, Illinois
Hi, I have a Model WH-003510 St. Croix Auburn pellet stove that was manufactured in 08/2005. I converted it to a wood pellet pot several years ago. It worked great all last winter, tried to fire it up Friday and the control board on/off light goes out, #2 red light on feed blinks (vacuum problem I saw somewhere), after the pellets which I ignite with alcohol gel burn out, the stove goes out, the room fan will come on for a while, but the control panel never takes over.

I have cleaned everything I know how to clean, which are the two exhaust ports on either side of the burn pot, removed the burn pot and tried to clean those little slits behind that, took the metal baffle plate off the top on the inside and vacuumed that out, took the stove pipe off the back and attempted to vacuum out the inside of the fan. I bought this house four years ago, so I have kind of learned as I went. The number two blinking red light has always done that even when the stove was working, It seemed like once it got hot enough the blowers would turn on and that would go down to number one, and that was that. I have read in a couple places that there's supposed to be another clean out behind the ash bin, my stove doesn't have that. This is not my primary source of heat, but it is our backup as we can run it off the generator in case of a power failure. Just getting through with a blizzard here, it was forty below this morning with the wind chill so it would be kind of nice if this was working. I have a vacuum switch coming, just guessing maybe that might be the problem. We have a Comfort Bilt HP50S in the garage, So I do know that these things need to be kept clean or they will not function properly. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.
You could try the " leaf blower trick" with the stove and see if that helps. I use it on mine quite often.
On that year you don't have the extra clean outs. I have used old throttle cables mounted on a drill at the end of the year clean out and ran them thru from front to back. ( removing two small caps in front and the combustion motor). but the leaf blower trick works great during the year.
How are the gaskets on it?
I will do the leaf blower on the chimney, when I took the cup off and shot a photo up the chimney, I could see daylight, but I think it needs to be blown out, I will get an inner tube tomorrow. I finally got it going and the flame isn't quite as lively as it has been in the past, lots of smoke coming out the chimney, but when I open the side panel the exhaust fan doesn't feel or hear to be running. Is that possible that there is enough draft from the chimney that it would still run without the exhaust fan? I have one of those on order too. I have not checked the gaskets on this stove.
The leaf blower trick I keep hearing about, what exactly do you do? Our leaf blowers only blow, they do not vacuum, are you using a leaf blower that vacuums so it's sucking the ash out of the stove? I'm confused.
Some leaf blowers have a vacuum to pick up leafs and other things
But all blowers are not created equal.
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if you do this pull the hose to your vacuum switch first

Just replaced mine this year with this one. You should not be having smoke. The only time I get smoke is when using the coal rake to dump my "Brick " from burning corn.