St croix Hastings auger not feeding

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New Member
Jan 28, 2017
I have a ST croix Hastings pellet stove. I had a professional cleaning done yesterday and today it seems the auger is not working to send pellets down. The stove was running prior to them cleaning it. I opened the rear service panel and noticed one of the wires to the auger was dislodged. I reconnected and ran the stove but still no pellets. My on/off light is blinking as well as the heat level on 3?
Is your thermostat calling for heat? If no thermostat, is the jumper still in place on the stove? Any blinking lights, other than the on/off? It sounds like the stove is not calling for heat. Is the mode switch in the correct position on the control panel?
Make sure your selector is on manual. It sounds like it might have gotten turned to another mode (as heat seeker suggested). In that mode It will blink on 3 because that is what level it is set to when the thermostat turns it on. At least I'm pretty sure that is how my former Hastings operated.