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Minister of Fire
Feb 26, 2021
I have lived in my house for a long time but the man next door (passed now) lived in his house for about 50 or 60 years. When he first bought his house for 6 thousand dollars he planted a bush out front separating my house from his and it grew and grew and grew...It had some pine cones or something like that that blew off once in awhile and looked like sort of a spruce or something..Well anyway I cleaned out my side of it because all the trash would blow into it and also cut it sometimes to make it look prettier and continued with this job when the new owners took over asking them their permission of course saying that I really liked the bush. Well anyway the new owners marriage did not last and the man was very lazy and just let his property go to H. and just kind of used it as a flop house..He disliked me of course and the one job of work that he did was cut down the forty year or so old bush out front and just let the roots dry out and Elm trees started growing in their place and when the wind would blow my fencing would get knocked down..He lived there for 10 years and about three months ago he sold his house and the new people are fixing it up--really fixing it up from scratch and putting a lot of money into it..Right now it is a real estate company fixing it up and lots of work they have done on it...There was this lawn man and I asked him for help one time and paid him for the work and he is clearing and cutting the neighbors lawn and making it look pretty with taking out all the elm trees roots and some small trees as well..Right beside the main steps there was this bush sprig that started growing and it was a bush from the original owners bush that was forty or so years old the old man died about ten years ago and i used to help him out because I was younger at that stage in my life..His name was Lee and I liked him and he took very good care of his house as well and grew a garden every year and gave me some stuff out of it--every year,,He was very religious and I used to bring breakfast over to him as he read his bible and newspaper--we became friends..He died at about 92 I guess in a assisted living house and when he want on vacation with his family I would pick up his mail and save it for him.. Well anyway---this bush was growing right into the concrete step and the lazy owner could not cut out the whole thing so it grew and he continued to cut it down trying to destroy it and i watered it secretly.. Well without this grass cutter knowing anything about any of this the other day he knocked on my door after he finished cutting the lawn and they tore down the steps and he had a bundle of something in his arms and lo and behold it was "Lee"s Bush" that was forty years and it survived...He just gave it to me without no reason because he did not even know of course I planted it in my yard...Life has some very strange and wonderful moments and I just wanted to share this story with you all...clancey

Story Time Story Time
Great story, Clancey. Thank you for sharing.
Life does have it's moments and so glad that you enjoyed it and I just know that Lee would have wanted me to have a piece of the bush. Someone asked me "Do you think it will live"? (not a lot of root here-lol)--I said why "after all these years and it survived why not"..we laughed for they know I do not have the vocation of having a green thumb here...Thanks...clancey
Thanks for sharing, Mrs. Clancey. I see your tomato has some nice flowers on it.
Yea I just weeded it and I have about five little yellow flowers and a very tiny tomato that the squirrel is fed it some veg. plant food too so I am hoping to get some tomato's out of it and I put a table over it when we get heavy rain. lol.. thanks..clancey
Great story and you can be reminded of your neighbor each time you see his tree!
Thank you and he was a neat man...The bush is doing okay--still green---has so little roots and i hope it makes it..I fed it some plant food--lol and put a table over it when we had that pounding and blowing rain..But still green...clancey