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QandA Posted By QandA, May 26, 2007 at 6:01 PM

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    I just purchased a new home that has a wonderful full length brick hearth and wall and a Fisher woodstove insert with solid doors (decorated with raised pine trees) and no glass. The stove was regularly used by the previous owners and is in great shape. I have had one fire in it already.

    There is no gasket installed in the door seal at all, which obviously needs to be fixed.
    1. How do I know exactly what size rope gasket to buy?
    2. The top groove is just under 1/2 inch, but the side grooves seem much bigger. Could the stove use 2 sizes?
    3. Do you know if there is a standard size for Fisher stoves?


    THese stoves were sold and used without gasket. They had a metal to metal seal. Because the amount of air that leaked in was not enough to make the fire "run away" they are still considered airtight stoves. If you wish to install a gasket, use a 1/2" flat tape gasket and glue it in a position where the door will come in contact with it when closed. Best bet is to leave it with no gasket.
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