Tempest dumount boiler

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Oct 16, 2023
Central Maine
We just purchased a home in central maine and it has a dumount boiler (similar to a jet stream). I believe it has a 1000 maybe 1500 gallon storage tank for water in the basement. There are 2 very large expansion tanks. It has been drained hasn’t been used in probabaly 6 years. The connections from the tank to boiler have been broken at the 90 degree.

My questions are.
-What is the process for getting an empty system that has not been used in year back up and running. other than fix connections and sodder the copper pipe going into the tank.
-Do I need to clean the tank out somehow? Should I take the cover off the end and put a new gasket on it? I’m sure it’s rusty in the tank, just a lot of surface rust.
- should I change all the relief valves out?
-also if anyone has had or knows about the tempest dumount or jet stream any info/ advice about a system like this would be great.
Thanks. -Mike.
I can definitely add pictures if it would be easier to see it.
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