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    Am considering the purchase of a Heat n Glo fireplace unit SL550. What is the physical difference between the TR & TRS model? Can a conventional wall thermostat (ie, Honeywell intended for home central heating) be used as a control for a Heat n glo fireplace unit? Also, can a conventional wall switch be wired in series with the thermostat to control the flame on & off?


    Heat n Glo has so many models..and they change designations often. I'm not certain what the difference is. You could surely email them from their web site at http://www.heatnglo.com. As far as thermostats, any MILLIVOLT capable model should do, including programmable,etc. Yes, a switch can be wired in series, but the switch should also be one that works with millivolts. It may be that a conventional switch would work, but sometimes there is too much current loss through them since they are designed for 110 volt.

    Link: Heat n Glo Web Site
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