Thermostat On drolet ECO 45

garden grove Posted By garden grove, Mar 8, 2013 at 9:37 AM

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    Mar 8, 2013
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    Hello, I am a new user to this site & have a Drolet ECO 45 Pellet stove that I have had since october 2010. I clean this stove on a reguar basis, & now I am starting to have problems. I had to install a new manual high temperature switch because the stove would just quit & the H1 code would flash on the control board.That seemed to work fine for a few days then the stove would just shut down & stay on Thermostat then I would press reset & mode & stove would go to off with fan running, when fan shut down, I would unplug stove. NEXT day plug stove in after cleaning & stove would start right up.Where I live there are no service techs, I talked to another person who has one of these stoves & had made a suggestion on what to do.really like this stove, but they are alot of work keeping them clean.
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    The easiest thing to do is to email sbi international and they will get right back to you. Sorry I don't have the address handy but a search will bring it up. Or you could call them.

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