Thinking of getting on/off road bike...

Ratherbfishin Posted By Ratherbfishin, Mar 10, 2012 at 3:57 PM

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    I was able to acquire, fix (all carbs goopy), and then ride a gsxr600 for as long as I wanted before returning it to the owner. Crotch rockets are fun and fast bikes. They are terrible cruisers. The riding position puts you into a perpetual push-up and the bike wants to either be accelerating or decelerating or else it kind of clunks as the lightweight drivetrain takes up the slack. The other problem is that they are fast, too fast, and more than once I found myself clicking through the gears north of 130 and loving every second of it. Death or law trouble will soon follow. I returned the bike in short time. Oh, one more thing, they don't have cooling fans so if you are in slow or stopped traffic the damn thing will overheat and shut off.

    It is more fun to ride a slow bike fast than to ride a fast bike slow.
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