third heating season on us 5510 stove

ad356 Posted By ad356, Dec 3, 2011 at 5:59 AM

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  1. ad356

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    Dec 25, 2009
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    well im entering the third heating season on my stove. so far it has held up fairly well. it has never left me without heat. it is my primary source of heat as well and the gas furance is almost never used, thank god. that gas furance is an old monster, an old oil burning piece of junk that someone converted over to natural gas and its horrbly in-efficeint. it has only been used as a back-up for the 3 years i have owned my home. i'm happy with pellet heating and just wish the price of pellets would go down a little, it was allot cheaper when i bought the stove. i remember pellets costing me 178 per ton, now its up to 220. sometimes is makes me think of someday going cord wood or coal in a hotblast type of arrangement. i will not use gas as i have a huge issue the method of gas extraction known as hydro-fracking. that process has contaminated many water wells around the country. i am on a water well myself and would not care to have my water supply ruined by some corrupt company. i also love the heat of a solid fuel stove or furance, i think the heat is of much better qaulity. overall im pleased with this stove as long as you seal up the ash doors and get it adjusted properly. it runs 24/7 and has never let me down. oh, yeah and 1 more thing the ignitor on these stoves is a joke. they dont last, so i just manually light it.

    i would not hesitate to buy another us stove company product, for the $1,000 i paid for it, it was a good deal. something like a harmin p68 would be nicer since they produce more heat and run quieter but they are also more than 2x what my current stove cost me. for $1,000 us stove and englander are both really good options. i have never had an auger problem, motor failure, or PLC problem so im happy.
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    Not many of us that use US Stove products here. I bought a 6041i this fall. So far I'm happy with it. I will say that fit and finish leaves a bit to be desired. Seems like their quality control folks check the stove after its boxed up and on the skid. Nothing that a couple hours of tinkering can't fix. Considering I paid well under half what a 'name brand' stove goes for I really can't complain. My main goal is to keep the oil truck out of the driveway. If I can do that for a couple years, then the stove paid for itself.
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