Thoughts on 'personal' energy use

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I don't think I could ever go vegan - and cheese and egg production still involves a lot of energy.

Cheese is pretty bad :confused: but eggs are pretty good, can be as good as fish. Low feed to produce good animal protein.
Vegan does not include cheese and egg. And they don't want to know the energy that goes into producing tofu.
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Oops sorry for the ramble. I will try to keep it shorter.

BG I never thought about the energy in tofu production, very interesting point...
No matter what we do it will have an impact on the planet. We don't need to walk on tip toes, but treading lightly and mindfully is a help.
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Payback on solar hot water depends alot upon time of life.
I got a 2 panel glycol unit installed (Thermodynamic) for about $5000, 4 years ago.
But I had 3 teenagers and 4 dogs with various hair habits. :)
So the payback compared to electric hotwater was short.
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