TimberEze 477 info needed

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Dec 16, 2023
I'm looking at a wood stove on FB market place, the seller doesn't know much about it. The back plate was attached, it says it's a 1983 Timber-Eze Model 477. The photos in the listing are not great, but I will include the only one that shows the front.

I do not know anything about stoves (yet) this would be my first. Ideally, I would like a wood stove that doesn't require electricity. I think furnaces have blower fans in them?

Can anyone tell me anything about this? Like type or possibly weight of a unit this size? Thanks

TimberEze 477 info needed
I found out that this is a furnace, which isn't what we want so we won't be picking this up. Still looking, I will read more on this site in the mean time.
Good luck! You’ll want to put your wood up as soon as possible as it’ll take time to dry.

Older wood stoves often take 8” chimneys. Most newer stoves take 6”. The 8” is much more expensive and could limit any future upgrades.