Timberline woodstove door gasket size

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New Member
Jan 14, 2023
Hill, NH
New member here. I recently bought a house and it has a Timberline stove in the basement. It has double doors and measures 22" x 11" at the opening. I am not sure what model I have.

I would like to replace the door gaskets since I occasionally get a puff of smoke coming from the top of the doors and the gasket is none existent in a few areas. The stove itself is very solid and heats up nicely.

I have been searching the web to get the gasket size and type, but I am finding people have used 1/4", 3/8" and 1/2" on their stoves. I also found articles stating the stove does not require any gaskets at all.

I cleaned out the channel and measured 1/2" wide by 1/4" deep. I know from past experience if I go too large I will have issues with closing the doors. I know this is an old stove and is no longer being manufactured but I would like to keep it around for a few more years.

Any information on gasket size and type is greatly appreciated.

Thanks, Rick