too much smoke

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smoky me

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Apr 12, 2024
We get a huge amount of smoke out of chimney outside and also smoke in our house when the stove ignites. The smoke inside is coming from the pipe, not from the door. It is a huge puff of smoke outside the house. This has only started happening recently and only happens most of the time, not always.
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We will need a little more information
Make and year of stove
Make of pellets.
The last time the stove had a full cleaning ( intake to exhaust termination)
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I get that on my stove occasionally. The pellets smolder before it lights causing the smoke. I consider it normal but may be due to a weak igniter, damp pellets, or lack of combustion air. If the stove is running okay when lit then I wouldn't worry about it.

The smoke coming from the vent pipe is not normal. If you darken the room and use a high power flashlight and your nose you may be able to find where the leak is coming from. I would seal up the seams with foil tape.