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oilstinks Posted By oilstinks, Dec 18, 2008 at 10:11 PM

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  1. oilstinks

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    Jan 25, 2008
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    Try to stay away from toshiba laptops. My m35x has been a headache for 3 years now. The people won a law suit agains toshiba adding another year to warranty. Thing is they never resolved the problem when sent for repair but merely patched up with the same shotty parts to get them out of warranty period. Customer service is no help and was told just to go to a lawyer last time i called. Sorry if any one works for toshiba here but thats the way it is. Mine has been "fixed" (which i use loosely) twice for the same problem that reoccures every 9months to a year or a little over. Now it is out of warranty it has the same problem for a third time. O yea another time i called the customer service guy said to cut my loses trash it a just dont buy another toshiba. I was floored at that statement. Ill bet i take his advice.
  2. TMonter

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    Is it the power connector problem? If you send me the laptop I can fix that problem for you. I've fixed 4 of our M35 series notebooks in our office and they've held up. The fix requires disassembling the notebook and re soldering the power connector on the motherboard.

    I have had excellent luck Toshiba laptops (we have about 15 here in the office) except for the M35 series which had a manufacturing flaw (but it is fixable).
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