Mid-Atlantic (NY, PA, NJ, DE, MD, VA) Tractor Supply/Butler, PA/Cheat River 2019-2020

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Jan 3, 2013
Portersville, PA
Bought 9/2019 - New from previous years, they have Cheat River pellets verse Lignetics. Decent reviews on here, will find out once its cold.
$180, maybe 190 as I didn't pay this year, a ton, up from 170 previously with the early buy.
4 tons in the basement. Only complaint is that the seam easily tears as does the bag when handling. Will be nice when loading, but are a pain to move if you unload by hand. I'll be happy if a bag doesn't tear while carrying it upstairs to load in the hopper. They're also food grade and can be used in a pellet smoker, I don't have one to comment, but its on the bag.


Burning Hunk
Oct 9, 2016
I bought two tons from my local Tractor Supply in Chippewa Twp. These pellets burn hot and leave little ash. I am really impressed with these and will be stacking up on some more soon.