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QandA Posted By QandA, Jun 10, 2004 at 2:20 PM

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    Hi Craig. I'm having some difficulties with our pellet stove. We have been running it (Whitfield Advantage III) for one year. Problems include
    1) an accumulation of ash (which builds up and must be cleaned out daily about 4 cups or more)-
    2) questionable efficiency (we go through about 1.5 bags of pellets a day -- 60 lbs.)-3
    ) the glass gets clouded over with an ashy film (gray/brown-black) after a few hours- even with damper open well. So a couple of times a day we must open it up while burning (probably not a great idea) and wipe the glass off. We've adjusted the damper according to the instructions. If we open it too much- the pellets burn too fast and the fire does not maintain itself on the burn grate.
    4) I'd appreciate some notes on your experiences. We are burning "premium" "low ash" pellets- and have no other heat source but baseboard electric which we don't use.They also told us not to burn corn or other fuel in the stove- or the warranty would be voided.
    It's installed in the living room (downstairs) and that room can get quite warm. However- my wife is always cold so she doesn't mind! I was getting the run-around from the dealer (who did the installation) about my problems with the stove and finally went down to see the display models again. This time the demo units also had the buildup of ash and somewhat dirty glass. So I don't know what to think.
    5. They also told us not to burn corn or other fuel in the stove- or the warranty would be voided.


    1. 4 cups is quite a lot--see if you can find anyone selling Eureka Brand pellets or try some from other sources...even if they say "low ash"- it doesn't;t always mean it's so.
    2. Pellets are not the cheapest and most efficient way to heat--they are less than electric- but higher than wood- coal and Gas...
    3. Yes- the glass will get dirty on these stoves...I guess it stays relatively clean (compared to older stoves)
    4. Outside air will add to the efficiency- and if your house is tight- it may help your combustion
    5. No- do not burn corn or other fuels in that stove
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