Troubleshooting: Lopi Berkshire w/ Acumen remote

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New Member
Feb 11, 2024
My partner and I purchased our first home in October, which came with a Lopi Berkshire set-up with the Acumen TX-D remote. Since moving in I have never been successful getting the stove to start with the remote. With all the other priorities of a new home I put off getting around to this until now. The stove has had issues with lighting in general (the manual way), requiring clicking the igniter dozens of times. I finally took the stove apart and cleaned the igniter and it starting working (again, manually) on first click for maybe 3-4 days before now going back to requiring 3-10 clicks to get it started.

I would like to get the remote working, and especially the feature that controls the flame based on the temperature setting so I don't make the area too uncomfortable. I've gone through all the steps in this video:

to no avail. Any help is appreciated. Unfortunately, the company that installed the stove is refusing to provide support (Even if I pay them) because apparently the prior owner ordered a part from them once and apparently doing so prevents them from providing any sort of support. In any case, I'd like to have a better grasp of working on this thing myself so it's probably a blessing in disguise.