Trying to find the correct control box setting for a 2007 Quadrafire Castile FS pellet stove?

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Oct 9, 2019
southeastern Washington
I'm trying to ID which model Quadrafire Castile FS stove I have. The reason being I've found mixed information on what number the control box should be set on. I bought the stove in 2007, I found a 2005 manual that states is should be set on 6. Then I found a 2008 manual that says it should be set on 4.

I've had trouble with the stove running for a while early in the morning and then shutting down. I believe that the stove may be over heating and tripping the #2 snap disc. I then have to push the reset button on the back of the stove, then it will run good all day. Shouldn't the #2 snap disc reset itself automatically or ?