Turn off Eco Stop mode for Ravelli pellet fire

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New Member
May 5, 2021
New Zealand

We've just installed a Ravelli pellet fire. I can't remember the model name but it's a fairly big one. I turned on the Eco Stop mode to see how it worked. Now I want to turn the Eco Mode off and I have no idea how to do this. Instructions and you tube videos show how to switch it on but can't find anything to say how to switch it back to the Modulation mode where it just cranks down to lowest output once set temperature is reached.

Am sure I am missing something obvious but am totally stuck. Any help greatly appreciated!

Thanks in advance

Pelleting In NJ

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Sep 26, 2011
Central NJ
What is the model of the stove?....or how many buttons are on your control panel?

Usually, when you turn-on the EcoStop, the number of degrees of temperature "swing" (how much cooler does the room get before the stove relights) is shown on the display, and is adjustable. To turn off EcoStop, adjust the swing amount to zero degrees.