Updating an old Quaker stove

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New Member
Feb 22, 2024
Hello all! I am hoping to pick your brains and collected knowledge. We recently picked up a Quaker Standard Moravian Parlor Stove model 404. It needs some repairs; I need to make up a replacement hinge pintle, door latch, and standard stuff like replacing the gaskets. However, it looks like there is a likely lot of heat loss through the chimney due to the baffle design. Does anyone here have any experience with this stove that can speak to how well it runs? I am not new to fabrication and metalwork, having worked as a blacksmith and fabricator for 14 years, so I have debated whether I should fabricate a secondary air system and install a new baffle. I don't have access to my modeling software currently, but I have included in the photos an irritatingly unproportional hand-drawn picture of my thoughts on the secondary air system. I thought I could either replace the current baffle entirely or keep it in place and rest a baffle board on top of it and the air bars.

Updating an old Quaker stoveUpdating an old Quaker stoveUpdating an old Quaker stoveUpdating an old Quaker stove