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    I am up at my camp so I have very limited internet access so couldn't really browse to see if this question has been asked before. I have this stove:


    And the draft controls are vertical, one on the top, one on the bottom. Does it matter which one I use, or should I use both at the same time?
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    This is a rough guide. Use your judgement based on the wood you are burning and how the stove responds.

    The lower air vent is for starting and regulating the fire. It delivers the air low at the base of the flame. The upper is for a basic secondary air supply for cleaner burning of the wood gases as they pass around the baffle. Start the fire with the bottom control open. Then as the kindling starts igniting the main splits you can start turning down the lower control a little and open up the upper control maybe 1/4 open. Gradually close down the lower control as the wood becomes completely involved in flame. Regulate temp with the lower control. Once the fire is at the coals stage you can close off the top control and just use the lower air control to regulate heat.
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