Used gas stove to replace steam heat

Kiver Posted By Kiver, Sep 9, 2011 at 11:24 AM

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  1. Kiver

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    This stove stuff is still quite new to me. Last spring I purchased a pellet stove through an auction but have yet to install it due to tornado damage I am still working on. I have a 255,000 btu gas/steam boiler for my 3100 sq ft old home. We are also looking at getting a used gas stove. My plan is to use the pellet stove downstairs and use the gas stove for the upstairs. The house is a converted 2family and the stove will be in the old kitchen upstairs and in the dining room in the down stairs.


    The stove is a gas 1994 Hearthstone Sterling that looks to be in great shape. Is it worth $400?? What should I look for when I look at it?? Will the placement of stoves help with my utility bill??

    One other thing. The Hearthstone is propane. Can I convert it to Natural gas?? If so what would it cost?

  2. webbie

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    A used gas stove which needs conversion might not be such a good deal - first you would have to find out if parts were readily available, then you would need someone with experience (a pro) to install it and check out the entire stove from top to bottom, preferably after it is installed.

    Chances are that space heating (pellets/gas freestanding, etc.) will help somewhat on your heating bill, but you are likely to have a problem with zoning...that is, steam systems may not have a lot of various zones in the house, and if so it's hard to turn a particular area off.

    In the long run you may want to look at converting your system to hot water and then installing a highly efficient gas boiler - that would probably save a lot...although it would cost a lot up front!
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