Vented gas log troubleshooting

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New Member
Dec 5, 2022

I have a simple set of pleasant hearth gas logs with an np to lp conversion kit attached. The set is not electrical. It has a spark ignitor, pilot, and burner.
The pilot lights. I leave it lit by holding the dial in the pilot position for twenty seconds before moving the dial to the on position. I hold it in the on position for five seconds as described in directions and nothing happens-- the burner does not light. But, I can hear propane coming through the valve and the smell is strong. I get spooked and give up at this point. The pilot is directly above the burner... if gas is releasing for certain, and the smell is so strong that it hits me from outside the fireplace why wouldn't the pilot light it?

Here is the set

Here is the np to lp conversion kit
Thanks for your reply. Here is the picture of the pilot assembly which was part of the conversion kit. I am sure it is vented.

Vented gas log troubleshooting
Thanks for the pix, but I'd rather see what you HAVE not what you BOUGHT.
Are you sure everything is tight? Sounds like the gas is not getting to the pilot
for ignition. It's going somewhere else. Word of warning: LP is heavier than air.
It will "puddle" in the bottom of your firebox until it gets deep enough to reach
the pilot flame. When it does... "PHOOM!"