Venting issues, is this safe?

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New Member
Nov 10, 2023
Dewey AZ
I'm replacing a 25 year old Harman Advance with a Harman Absolute 43. Venting is straight up through the attic and roof. I've only owned this house 4 years, not sure when the stove was installed here. Took out the old stove today. Vent pipe basically fell out of the ceiling.

I've got a couple holes cut into my drywall behind faucets that had to be replaced. On windy days, the smell of smoke coming out of those holes was strong. I thought it was from previous owners being smokers. Now I think smoke was escaping into the attic. I'm attaching pics from the set up.
1) Is it normal for the vent pipe to not be attached in the attic?
2) 3" pipe doesn't go past the ceiling. Seems like it should go through the roof?
3) There does seem to be a sleeve to keep insulation away?
4) Should I replace the vent pipe that might be decades old?
I'm in a pellet stove desert. No dealer will install, service or repair here. The highly recommended tech has disappeared. The fireplace guy who claimed he could fix the old stove never did, despite high prices. His recommendation was to buy a new one at tractor supply (not!). This will be a self install with help from my mechanically minded brother. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

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