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    I recently purchased a used (1982 vintage) Vermont Casting Vigilant model wood burning stove with glass doors. I see from Vermont Casting information that current production of this model stove is now classified as a coal burning stove. The previous owner said that this wood burning stove could be converted to coal with a special insert, but I have no desire to do so. What is the quality level of the the older version of this stove as a wood burning stove? Also, I am getting ready to install class A flue pipe straight up through the cabin ceiling, thru the 2nd story attic area and out into the roof. (The cabin area is only approx. 400 sq. ft area). I have adapted the oval flue exit on the stove to an 8" black steel pipe by crunching the pipe in to fit the oval, and then added an reducing adapter to neck it down to meet the 6" class A pipe upward. Will this 8" to 6" reduction cause any restriction in draft?


    The stove is a very decent older woodstove, although not up to the clean burning standards of today. When your budget allows, it will help save the air and the planet to get a newer and cleaner model.

    NO, you cannot reduce that particular stove to 6" safely. It will probably smoke out the top and front doors while loading if you do this. The newer model is a 6", but it has a smaller fire box and is coal only.
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