Vermont Castings Stardance main burner will not light

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Dec 1, 2014
Vermont Castings Stardance direct vent stove. Pilot burns properly and stays on. When I turn on the stove with the remote the fan comes on, but burner does not light. I have checked connections for the thermopiles (it appears that this model has two of them?) I have not yet opened the stove to observe/clean the pilot and thermopile(s). I have taken a millivolt reading, but am not sure I am doing it right - I put my meter on the white and the red wires - it shows around 300-400 but varies widely and does not settle on a number.

Question to you experts: Since the pilot remains burning, does that mean that my thermopile(s) is working? Am I taking my meter reading correctly?

What do you advise I do from here?

Thank you.
You read the thermopile at the terminal block on the valve. Terminals labeled TP & TH-TP. The wires may be red & white, but not necessarily. With the pilot on, the reading should be 500 + mV, & it should hold steady. If it’s fluctuating, it’s probably time to change it.
Make sure the pilot knob is turned to "ON".
Make sure you have at least 150 Mv on both tpiles, while they are under load.( connected to valve)
If that doesnt fix it, your gas valve is bad.
Thanks for the help. I am now trying to find a replacement and Vermont Castings says the thermopile is no longer made. It is part number 20002400. Any idea where I can find one?

Edit? I found this on Amazon, same part number but Monessen is the brand. Is this a replacement?

Amazon product ASIN B00L1NIJV2
Picture of mine;
Vermont Castings Stardance main burner will not light
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It should work, if the threads match up on the retainer in the bracket. There are also Universal Millivolt Generators available at True Value Hardware stores
Thanks Bob. So these are universal? Any particular spec I need to look for? And is it reasonable to assume that this is possibly my problem?
Without knowing exactly what is specified for your stove, I’d say a 750mV TP should do it. To be honest, I’m not totally familiar with the Double TP units.