Vermont Heating and Cooling Guide - Not just for Vermont


Minister of Fire
Nov 18, 2018
Downeast Maine
I would like to use an ATW HP for backup electric heat for our house in the future. I like that it can also be a long term solution for efficiently heating water without the giant HPWH.


Feeling the Heat
May 4, 2008
Catskill Mountains
This link is so good it deserves to be a couple of forums.

I like this report. I don't believe everything on the chart on page 14. I have an extremely efficient new Navien propane combi-boiler. I am paying $1.45 per gallon of propane. #1 fuel oil is selling for $2.65 in my area. I pay 15 cents a kwh. I use my new mini-splits ductless heat pumps when the outside temp is above 32F. I still want to use enough propane to get get the reduced rate. I want to make sure I use at least 700 gallons of propane a year.