Vermont Vigilant Flue Exit


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Dec 13, 2020
Arlington, WA
I just acquired an older Vermont Vigilant woodstove and need to know how to change the flue exit position. Currently the stove has it exiting straight out the back, but I need it to exit out of the top. Has anyone done this and if so, can you give me some idea how to do it? Thank you!


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There is a bolt on each side of the flu collar that need to be removed.
They may have nuts on the inside. Remove them & flip the flu collar
in the direction you want. You will probably need to repla



Nov 12, 2019
you might need a crazyolddude to help you. those bolts/nuts can be difficult to remove without penetrating oil, perhaps some heat, and care not to strip the bolt heads. and you should prepare to clean out the gasket channel and replace it.