Vigilant 1/1a with coal conversion.

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Oct 26, 2022
Rhode Island
I have a vigilant 1/1a with coal conversion kit installed with rotating shaker rack. There is no coal mag in the stove. The previous owner was burning wood in the stove. My question is can I continue to use the stove like this safely burning wood? Or should I remove thecoal kit and reinstall the primary air tube? Apologies in advance if this question has been answered to death but I have not come across on any info that I'm looking for.
I'm not certain, but I believe you'd be better satisfied if you took the coal conversion out for wood and reinstalled the primary air tube. Just a guess that it will burn slightly cleaner that way. I'm sure someone will be along soon to confirm that for you.
May or May not burn cleaner, but sure will hold more wood w.o. the coal kit!! Fill bottom w an inch or more of sand or ash to protect the bottom though!!
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Look under the top loading cook took if it has one. Never seen a VC that didn’t have the directions for burning under the lid. So if it is a wood coal stove then both directions would be listed under the lid, unless it is a solid top stove. Follow them carefully.
...thinking about removing the coal grates from my Vigilant also. Curious, if lined with the sand, are you placing the sand directly in the ash pan, or removing the ash pan too and putting the sand on the bottom of the stove?