vigilant stove too hot?

pafmarine Posted By pafmarine, Oct 10, 2011 at 12:40 AM

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    Can someone please tell me what temperature I should run my vigilant at? It is an early 80's vigilant. Also, where should I take my temp reading? My pipe coming out of the stove in double wall interior stove pipe so I dont think I get an accurate reading from the stove pipe thermometer (due to the double wall). Normally if I have the stove thermometer on the top, right hand side of the stove I run about 500 or 550. Is that too hot? Also, sometimes the doors glow (very scary). This does not seem right to me. The doors will glow where the air comes into the stove (front, left, bottom) where the air is pulled in. I will check the stove in the middle of the night and they will be glowing. SCARY. Help me out boys.
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    Welcome to the forums...Yes, scary indeed.

    First- glowing doors are a sign of overfire. I had the same problem on the front bottom left of my old vigilant. I almost wonder if it might be a sign of additional air getting into the firebox- has the stove been rebuilt/re-gasketed? You may want ot inspect for cracks etc. (I had a broken bottom on the left door exposing the internal gasket)

    Second- Is your draft control on the back of the stove working properly? Are you closing down the air once the stove comes up to temp?

    Third- Your original question about where to run the stove- different people may run at different temps, but I found my stove would run anywhere from 450-550 after a reload witht he thermometer on the right rear corner next to the cooking plate. I believe this is where VC recommended where to place the thermometer.

    Yes, the vigilant is a great heater. I would highly recommend finding out why that lower left corner keeps glowing on you. I used to have a photo of the old stove with the whitened lower left corner on the front, but I cannot seem to find it now. Good luck and please keep us posted.
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    It sounds like some air leaks. The stove gets its air from the rear and the little side port for secondary combustion. Do inspect for cracks. If none are found then it is likely the stove needs new gaskets. From the description it sounds like there is a leaky door gasket. Also make sure that the thermostatic damper is completely closed when the air control lever is not calling for heat.
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    It may be as simple as shoveling out more frequently! Primary air is supposed to come in through the holes i the lower fireback AND the primary air tube on the left of the firebox. If the fireback holes are blocked, you get all primary air through the tube, and it's like a torch in there! Left door gets way too hot. This leads to warping of the front and door and may compound the problem.

    No reason not to regasket doors, but keeping those holes in he fireback clear might do it.

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