Vogulzang 5790 e3 after brief startup and run

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New Member
Dec 10, 2023
I inherited my Vogelzang 5790 from my parents. Last year for most of the year it did really well. It randomly died last February and I had to get another to hear my basement. This fall I decided to see if I could fix it because it heated my basement and house so much better! I replaced both thermal discs and the exhaust fan and the convection blower fan but now it will only run for a short time before it shuts off and says it is an E3. I purchased the thermal disc again to replace both of them and try it again with the same result. So everything has been fixed and replaced but I’m still getting the same E3 error code. The exhaust blower trips, the thermal disc switch and stops the convection blower from turning on and heating the room. When I trip the thermal disk again, the convection blower will turn back on and then the stove stops. Feeding pellets and eventually goes out. I’m looking for a direction to go in as it is getting colder up here in the great white north east, thank you for any help.