Walltherm Indoor wood boiler


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Apr 18, 2019
I've read a few threads on it, and it looks like it would be a good replacement for my wood stove. It would also help with moving some heat downstairs. The problem I have is it seems like they are no longer being sold in the US. I've emailed the dealer in Canada to see if they are willing to sell one, but haven't heard back.

Anyone know of any other options?

My house is a 1700 sq/ft passive solar house. I've added a Mitsubishi heat pump for the cloudy days, and night time(has been nothing but a problem since it was installed, but that's another story.) The existing wood stove is on the main level and nearly impossible to get heat down into the daylight basement where the bedrooms are.

My plan was to run the walltherm in the main living area heating up a storage tank and the main living area. I'd also probably add some solar heating to the storage tank. Anyways just throwing out ideas and looking for feedback at this point.
My company was the US importer for the Walltherm from day one.
The units is not EPA certified and a such ca not be sold/installed any longer in the US

E Yoder

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Jan 27, 2017
Floyd, VA
Looks like a nice small indoor wood boiler. But only a very small number of units meet the step 2 (2020) standard. It actually comes in today. The EPA keeps a list online. It is a little slow to get updated, but it's a place to start looking at options.