Wanted BEV, but charging places not there yet

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Sep 10, 2018
Newport, Wa
Been looking hard at BEV. But changed my mind after going on Trip from Newport WA to Lawton OK. Went thru Nebraska and Kansas. Only 1 Destination charger at 1 Hotel (half of it broken). No fast chargers in Lawton OK.

So I considered 2 small Pickup Trucks. Wanted Ride Quality. Loaded Trucks (Already have 2021 Jeep Gladiator PU)

Hyundai Santa Cruz or Honda Ridgeline

No Hyundai available, plus dealer markups. I thought Honda was better vehicle. So got 2023 Ridgeline Black Edition in White.

48k. Got 2k off and 1k more than I wanted for Trade in (2022 Kia Seltos SX Turbo). Finally rid of car I hit my head getting into and doors want to always come back at you. Plus no heated wheel. Having chip plastic and cremic coating done by dealer (1200). Extended the warranty to 5 years on everything. Hopefully BEV charging will be more available (no fast chargers here in our County, 2 Slow chargers at Elec PUD)

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I like the Ridgeline a lot. How are you enjoying the Gladiator? It's probably one of the only current production vehicles I would buy if I were in the market for a new vehicle.
Gladiator has been great in last 2 years. Zero Problems and it gets out of the snow vs the kia would struggle with 6" of slush. Now it's Noisy in the Cabin. But I did 20+ in USAF and can't hear that well anyway. 35" Dick Cerpick tires on this rig when new. We plow with JD 2032R Tractor if it needs it, but if it gets warm the packed snow (gravel under it) can turn to slush. I hope Ridgeline beats the KIA on Snow.

IMG_20220415_092658855_HDR.jpg Wanted BEV, but charging places not there yet
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Keep in mind the Ridgeline is really just a Honda Pilot with a bed.
Knew that it's Pilot in Different Layout. Still seems major step up from KIA Seltos. Seems so big Inside! We have Jeep 2021 Gladiator for PU Truck Duties. Ridgeline carried 21 bags of salt today and 22 gallons of Propane just Fine. Should be great Grocery Gitter for Wife and I. Good Edition to our Fleet (4 Cars). Shame will have note on it for couple of years at least.