What is this small fan called?

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Jul 28, 2015
Washington State
This small Fan on my 1992 Austroflamm Integra is not working. It makes a loud buzzing and barely turns. I need to know what it's called so I can look for one to replace it.. . . . . . Stove had been working still even with it not working then I got tired of the buzzing so I unplugged the small red wire to it. Stove then would go out so I plugged it back in and still stove now goes out after a bit. Guess it's time to get a new fan.

little fan.jpg


Minister of Fire
That is a mess to put it mildly. You need to take the motor out and blow the filth off of it, pull the fan off (it's a press fit), remove the end bearing cap (2 Torx screws) oil the end bearing with motor oil and oil the opposite end as well. The motor is locked up from accumulated filth that has dried the bearings out. You need to improve your maintenance regimen.... a lot.

You need to clean the entire stove inside the backside. It's a shaded pole motor, not sure what it drives as your picture don't show that but again, your issue is the motor is locked up from dried out bearings.

All the little fan on the end does is cool the motor, nothing else.
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Jan 22, 2014
SidecarFlip is probably right : you can bring that motor back to life.
It looks very like the motor of the room ventilator on my Ravelli.
But I would not expect it to be so close to the floor. But why not - that is where the most heat is !


Feeling the Heat
Jan 28, 2008
Upstate NY on VT Border
That fan cools the motor that turns your room fan (convection).
Disconnect the wires from the terminal first. You need to pull out the whole unit.
Open up the other side of your stove There are 2 screws on each end of fan on top of rail loosen the right side then the left. The fan is on rails and slides out to the left as your looking at stove.
It probably needs a good cleaning with compressed air, but be careful as if you use too much air under pressure fan will turn at about 300mph and hum like crazy and can cut you pretty badly.

You need to probably need to order a new bushing for your fan it goes in on the right side when you replace fan.