What kind of stove pipe is this?

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Jan 2, 2024
Greetings All:

First post to the forum and I'll start off by saying I'm VERY much a newbie to the world of wood stoves. We used one (Kodiak IIRC) to heat a hunting camp when I was a kid, and I owned a home with a Harman pellet stove for a few years. It worked well and was pretty straight forward. My point is, if what I'm about to ask seems like a dumb question I apologize ahead of time. I'm just not quite sure what I have here.

I now own a house that came with a Baker stove. Seems decent and I like it. I figure it was made sometime in the 80's or 90's and I think it's some version of their Heat King.

My question is about the stove pipe attached. Everything seems fine with it, but I've never seen one like it - nothing like the standard black sections I'm familiar with. Attached to the top of the stove is a single piece of pipe bent to appropriate angles before attaching to the chimney section. No seams - reminds me of a big mandrel bent exhaust pipe. Also, it's copper colored (maybe a little less so than the picture suggests), but the material doesn't look quite like copper. Maybe stainless that got heated and took on a patina??

Anyway, anyone able to help clue me in as to what I have? Is this a common thing?

(And yes, that’s a vise grip on the opposite side of the damper. I have no idea why it was there.)

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Nice pipe, no clue what you have there. On your damper is a vise-grip and if it's a Peterson it's an original and could be put to better use.
I'm guessing that's something someone fabricated. I'm guessing single wall and the wood looks too close to it.
I think the guy who fabricated that pipe loved exhaust systems of some sort. Either auto, boilers, etc. are you near any refineries?
Homebrewed. The vicegrips damper handle is a nice touch.

Regardless of the pipe, the whole installation is against code with a dangerous disregard for clearances. The stove needs at least 36" from any combustible and the stove pipe at least 18". It looks like the underside of the mantel is already starting to darken.