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    I'm trying to find coal stove dealers/manufacturers. I need to heat a 1,400 sq ft space, vented into a fireplace chimney. I don't need an autoloader, but am looking for an inexpensive model. Prefer freestanding with glass front. Any suggestions? I have information on Harman. (the search engine crashed when I tried to search for coal stoves).


    Here's a few that sell coal stoves
    UNITED STATES STOVE COMPANY (423)837-2100 nghr37d@prodigy.com http://www.usstove.com/
    ENGLAND STOVE WORKS, INC. (804)929-0120 http://www.englanderstoves.com/
    VOGELZANG INTERNATIONAL CORP. (800)222-6950 www.vogelzang.com
    HITZER, INC. (219)589-8536 http://www.hitzer.com/
    FRANCO BELGE/COAL HEAT INC. (610)966-3556 coalheat1@enter.net francobelge-usa.com
    HARMAN STOVE COMPANY (717)362-9080 harman@harmanstoves.com
    BUCK STOVE CORPORATION (704)765-6144
    AMERICAN ENERGY SYSTEMS INC./MAGNUM (320)587-6565 magnum@hutchel.net
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