Where's the plug for a Direct Vent Gas Insert?

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Lisa S

New Member
Nov 2, 2020
Northern VA
2 questions:

1-We are considering having a direct vent gas insert installed. Where's the plug? No online image shows a cord. A dealer told us that you cannot have cord hidden and be up to code, but an electrician can do that after inspection. I'm all about safety and doing things per code, so I'm not looking to get around it. But I have also heard you can have an electric box installed behind unit in the firebox.

2-We no longer burn wood in our masonry fireplace and it is very drafty. Will the gas insert stop the draft?

Thanks for any advice you can share.


Full Time RVer
Staff member
Dec 2, 2008
Wherever we're parked
We install a metal junction box IN the fireplace, at the rear & anchored to the floor.
We run BX armored cable down thru the ash dump, & out into the basement to pick up power.
I live in NY & maybe the codes are different here, but we've never had an issue with an inspector.
If you insert is installed correctly, there will be insulation around the liners & under the cap at the
top of you chimney, & around the liners in your damper area. A "dead air" space will be created
between the two insulated locations. You will NOT have a draft.


Feeling the Heat
Dec 13, 2015
I think maybe there was a miscommunication between you and your dealer. What Daksy said is how almost all are done. They may have been telling you can't attach the cord to an extension cord

Lisa S

New Member
Nov 2, 2020
Northern VA
Thank you all very much! No idea why the first guy told us we needed to have cord come out in front, but we found a different place and now plug will be in back of fireplace. Looking forward to a toasty winter.
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