Whitfield Advantage II-t blower issue

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Jan 19, 2016
Hi, I just purchased a used whitfield. The convection blower does not kick on at all. If i unplug and run it direct to a receptacle it works fine. Where do I begin? It has the rotary knob control board. Thanks
If you're comfortable messing with a mixture of low and high voltage wiring, a wiring diagram will show you the route the power takes through the various safety switches to complete the circuit.

Weird things like the auger motor acting like a buss bar to supply voltage to a temperature cutoff switch. A lot of the devices back there are essentially Daisy chained together to make sure power is killed to the auger in a fail condition. Test temperature safety switches for operation. Some of them are designed to switch off (open) after a certain temperature. I think another of them is designed to switch on (closed) at a specific temperature.

Your control board doesn't have the test leads that the newer digital boards do, so you'll need to multimeter the wires connecting to your convection motor to see if voltage is making it from the board to there. If you aren't seeing line voltage at the blower, trace wires back and make sure any spade connectors are properly crimped and the posts they're connected to aren't corroded or rusted. Finally test voltage coming directly out of the leads from the control board to see if it's internals are working. The boards don't have a readily accessible schematic for component repair, so if you reach that point you'll need to figure out board repair or hire a service for it. Or replace it- but those run $300+ last time I had to buy one.