Whitfield Advantage II-T or III ... Equal flow of air out of all the heat tubes?

dakitez Posted By dakitez, Dec 15, 2011 at 6:38 PM

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  1. dakitez

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    Mar 17, 2011
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    I noticed on my unit the flow of air from the heat tubes is not equal through all 6 tubes. The tube on the far right blows the least and the strongest is the tube on the far left (standing in front of stove and looking at it). I have looked down the tubes and I can not even tell where the air enters the tube. So I was wondering if this is normal? If others with this stove could comment I would greatly appreciate it.
  2. SmokeyTheBear

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    Nov 10, 2008
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    First locate your convection blower where the flange of that blower is bolted to the heat exchanger is where the air enters that comes out the front of the stove heated.

    Usually the manifold has different length air paths for each tube thus the one closest to the intake will produce the most airflow, if sufficient airflow is available they will all produce somewhat the same airflow.

    It is also possible that something is in the works gumming the airflow up but you'll need some equipment to actually see it. With the stove off, cold, and unplugged you could remove the blower and look at part of the manifold, It is also possible that your convection blower isn't producing the airflow it should, in which case a good cleaning and if appropriate an oiling would work wonders.

    Most folks discover that the both temperature and air flow out of each tube is a bit different and that one side is better for one thing and the other side for the other.
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