Whitfield Advantage Plus Not Turning On

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New Member
Nov 20, 2022
Hey everyone,

Looking for some help troubleshooting my Whitfield Advantage Plus (wh 107850) circa 1996 that came with the house we purchased a few years ago.

Recently our stove has stopped turning on when the power button is switched on. No lights, noise, nothing. I thought it may be the PCB board ( which I replaced last year due to a power outage that fried part of the board. The board was replaced and power connected to surge protector and the stove worked fine no issues).

Anyways I checked the board and the fuse and both seemed fine. Any thoughts on what could be causing the stove to not turn on?

More details:

Everything else seemed fine and after some sleuthing I determined that the power coord ( which looks old and beaten up) probably was the culprit. I bought a new power cord and plugged it in and the pellet stove started causing me a great deal of excitement. I shut the stove off and did some other errands excited that i fixed the problem but when i went to use it later on it again would not turn on.

It doesnt have a starter so when we had a good flame going and hit the power on nothing happened, no lights, no sound, nothing. So we put out the fire and I started more troubleshooting.

I cleaned the vent connecting to the chimney, tried using a different surge protector and outlets, disconnected the pressure switch which seemed fine, and checked the connections for any shorting or looseness.

Still not sure what else it could be besides it being one of the motors? Is there anything else it could be?

Any thoughts are appreciated as we love this pellet stove despite its age.